Hangar Rental

The Northwest Missouri Regional Airport has several opportunities to build and lease hangars on the airport grounds. We offer excellent customer service, access to top notch fueling facilities and airport terminal building, and the ability and space to build a fully custom hangar!

The City of Maryville and the Airport Advisory Board are fully committed to the aviation community and look forward to making your hangar build process as effortless as possible.

All property at the Northwest Missouri Regional Airport is owned by the City of Maryville. Construction of a hangar at the airport requires entering into a twenty (20) year land lease with the City of Maryville. Current land lease rates are computed at the rate of twenty-two cents ($0.22) per square foot of hangar space per year.

The map below shows currently available hangar build locations. The process for building a hangar at the Northwest Missouri Regional Airport is as follows:

  1. Contact City Staff for preliminary discussion regarding building site and building requirements
  2. Meet with Airport Advisory Board for approval
  3. Submit building plans to City of Maryville Code Enforcement department
  4. Finalize land lease with City of Maryville City Council

Contact our staff today and become part of a growing community at the Northwest Missouri Regional Airport!

Future hangar development locations

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